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Exxon Mobil makes 10 billion profit in 2nd quarter 2006

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Looks like Exxon Mobil has made 10 billion dollars in 2nd quarter of 2006. This should set well with the people of the USA as we are paying $3.20 per gallon in some places of the U.S.

Is it really necessary for them to make 10 billion dollars profit? This is profit, meaning all the bills are paid and all the big wig corporate schmucks have cashed in their 6 or 7 figure paychecks already. Exxon Mobil recently gave a leaving CEO a retirement package worth 350 million dollars...........WTF???? This after earning $190,915 dollars a day with a 70 million dollar a year job.

Here is the last Exxon CEO... need I say more.

Peak Oil is here I believe, meaning demand will outweigh supply and new oil will be harder and harder to find until there is no more. This may take 10-20 years but my guess is it will happen.
I also wouldn't be surprised to see $4 per gallon gas before 2007.

The future? Electric, hydrogen, or something else that will combust because the oil industry is about to.

Update 10/26/06:

Exxon Mobil Posts $10.49B Profit in 3Q

They are on track to make 40 bilion this year according to my limited math skills.

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  1. Anonymous cnaylor | 10:44 AM |  

    Actually not the current Exxon CEO - that honor belongs to Rex Tillerson. Pictured is the previous CEO Lee Raymond who stepped down earlier this year.

  2. Blogger Dubled | 12:45 PM |  

    OK will change that.

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