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Watch out for the White Van Speaker Scam!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

There is a scam that is happening across America everyday and people are falling for left and right.

The scam goes something like this. You are minding your own business in a grocery store parking lot putting away your grocery's or simply walking into or out of the store when a vehicle approaches you and rolls down their window.

Usually the vehicle is a van typically white in color to make it look like a company vehicle which is part of the scam. I have been approached by other type vehicles but the van seems to be most popular with the low life scammers.

You will then hear their sales pitch "Hey do you want to buy some speakers?" or "Hey do you want to buy a Home theater system?" followed by "I just got done installing a set of these and I was given an extra set by mistake" The scammers make it look as if they are a professional Home audio install team complete with a white company van. They will tell you that they can sell you a set of speakers for $300 and then tell you the list price is $1000 on the set.

If you show the least bit of interest the scammers may even have a phony catalog to show you the set and the list price. They also may have invoice papers with a phony company name on top of it. If you don't have the cash on you they will gladly follow you to the ATM.

The speakers will have fancy names like:

  • Audiofile
  • Acoustic Monitor
  • Acoustic Response (not to be confused with the company Acoustic Research, which involved the famous and respected Henry Kloss, who went on to found KLH and Cambridge Soundworks),
  • Acoustic Image,
  • Acoustic Lab Technology
  • Denmark (not to be confused with Denon)
  • Dogg Digital, Digital Dogg Audio (reportedly very popular on eBay)
  • Dahlton
  • Dynalab (not to be confused with Dynamat)
  • Epiphany
  • Grafdale
  • Digital Pro Audio, Pro Audio, Digital Audio, Digital Audio Professional Speaker Systems, Digital Audio
  • Skyline Digital Research
  • Epiphany Audio
  • Omni Audio
  • Protecsound
  • Pro Dynamics
  • Paradyme (not to be confused with Paradigm)
  • PSD (jokingly referred to as Paid Scam Drivers). Not to be confused with PSB.
  • Theater Research

Man what a great deal you think!! Not so fast.........

You may wonder where is the scam in all of this. Well the $300 you are about to shell out is going towards a crappy set of speakers that cost them $75. Or you may get home and open the box and have it full of rocks or junk.

Don't fall prey to the white van speaker scam that is happening all over America. I have been approached Grand Rapids, Mi in the Meijer parking lot on Alpine twice, and twice in the parking lot of Rogers mall in Wyoming, Mi.

Here are some more links if you want to read more about it:




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Dirty Car Art Gallery

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Scott Wade of Texas has fun creating art masterpieces on dusty car windows. He's been doing it for 3 years and has gotten quite good at it.

Scott Wade gallery


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Jeep drives on top of the water

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Neat video of a modified Jeep driving across water. Also later it races a snowmobile across a small lake. This video was taken from a show called Top Gear that is shown in Europe.


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Colliding with death at 37,000 feet, and living

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Joe Sharkey of the New York Times was on the plane that clipped the Brazilian airliner that went down earlier this week.

Joe has an incredible tale of what happened and is very lucky to be alive. He wrote an account of his story in Tuesdays New York Times and is a very interesting read.

Here is the link to the the story. It is the same story but in the International Herald Tribune which requires no log in or subscription.


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Watch tv on your computer with high speed internet connection.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I have tried this out and it works pretty decent. TVU Networks has a P2P broadcast program that has a bunch of stations including the networks. Great for sports, just don't expect High def picture quality.

Hit the refresh button a couple times to get the channel started. Don't even bother if you have a dial up connection to the net. If the channel say's "closed" exit the program in your sys tray and restart it.

Download and learn more here:



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