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The real McCain

Monday, July 21, 2008

La Times tells us what the real John McCain is all about.

Long story short: JMC's plane takes a header into North Korea he becomes a POW. While he is a POW JMC's first wife is in a bad car accident, she lost 5 inches in height and was messed up pretty bad. JMC gets sprung from his POW camp and comes home and is no longer happy with his first wife mainly because of the car crash injuries. JMC goes and finds a extremely rich (check 1), blond girl (check 2), Cindy who is 18 years younger (check 3) than he is. She is heiress to a beer distribution (check 4) fortune.

Check 1 = Extremely rich. Not a bad attribute
Check 2 = blond girl. Yep
Check 3 = 18 years younger. Hmmm I sure hope JMC was an old man when they met.
Check 4 = Heiress to a beer distribution fortune. No guy would ever want unlimited money and beer would they?

Link to 3 page story

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