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America is too proud? (and disorganized)

Monday, April 30, 2007

So come to find out the U.S. turned down 854 million in aid after the Katrina disaster, this is aid that other countries pledged. We accepted 40 million so that leaves 814 million left on the table. The U.S. was ill prepared to accept the contributions of other countries.

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Think about that for a minute. Over the last 50 years how many billions of dollars has the U.S. spent on international aid?. $100 Billion? $200 Billion ? Your guess is as good as mine. So when it comes our turn to accept aid for one of the biggest disasters on earth we turn it down. Why?

According to Hurricane Katrina Wiki page there were 1836 deaths caused by the Hurricane. You mean to say we could not accept the $814 million and possibly give $50,000 to each of the families that lost a person in the disaster?

That would have used about 92 million. With the remaining 722 million we could have divided it equally among the two states that were affected the most.

Lord knows they could use it.

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