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How are we supposed to choose?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

How are we supposed to choose from what has been given to us for a future president?

Let's see, we have a spineless Democrat Congress represented by Obama and Hilary on one side. And on the other side we have Giuliani who is a mirror image of the president we have now, except that the mirror is like the kind you find at the local carnival.

With Giuliani it will mean more wars with god knows what other countries besides Iraq. Giuliani will entrench this country in wars that may last the next 50 years, and kill thousands of Americans.

Now lets move to the other side. I ask the question does Obama or Hilary represent what we the people voted for last November? We voted for a strong Democratic Congress to smack down this administration if it thinks it is above the law and is not doing what we the people want.

I see a lose-lose situation here voting either way.

I do see a person that may save this country and that is Ron Paul. He will listen to the people and do what what is best for them. He will pull out of this war and instead spend the money on iron clad intelligence and United States Defense (the opposite of offense) instead of trying to fight a war over in the sand dunes.

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