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Sicko movie is making waves

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Check out what happened when a couple went and saw the movie in the heart of Texas.

CNN fact checked the movie and says it is for the most part accurate.

Michael Moore barred from the NYSE. Looks like the health companies made a few phone calls to get Michael shut out.

Uh oh... :) Blue Cross memo leaked seems they are not happy with how they are portrayed as a money hoarding business who tries to deny as many claims as possible.

Michael Moore rips Wolf Blitzer for being a corporate shill on health care and on not asking tough questions about the Iraq war.

900 health lobbyist were invited to see the film, 12 showed up.

A San Francisco man is charged $12,000 for 15 minutes of care.

Massachusetts sets up a health care system

San Francisco develops a health care system for it's people.

Wisconsin is starting to take steps for health care for all.

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