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Outed Gay Republican Senator Larry Craig rethinks resignation

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I really hope he tries to stay on as Idaho Senator, his snowball of hypocrisy will just keep getting bigger and bigger. I've got news for this gay old man, you don't plead guilty to crimes that you didn't commit. You were trying to quickly sweep this under the rug so you could go on with your closet-gay hypocritical life. Well you got punked in a bathroom and you are a bible toting, gay bashing, family values, high morality person, and now look you are totally exposed.

If you are gay just f-ing tell the world and be done with it. The sad part of this and how it affects me is that I want to vote for Ron Paul and he is a Republican. Do you honestly think America is ready for another Republican President after the train wreck we have now in Iraq and all of these scandals the Republicans seem to love to fall into?

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Larry Craigs daughter defends him..... but wait she has an outstanding warrant for her arrest hmmm....

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