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Another war WTF?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

If you are in the middle of a war would you send 363 tons of of cash into the warzone you are fighting in? (cash as in greenbacks, cash as in the paper money we use everyday)

Well the Federal reserve loaded the 363 tons of cash on pallets and sent it to Iraq and now most of the money can't be accounted for. For those of you who don't know how much money is in 363 tons of cash it roughly 4 Billion. Yes 4 Billion with a capital B, as in $4B

The only glimmer of goodness in this story is that it was Iraq's money and not the U.S. Taxpayers. But then again this is one more reason for the Iraqis to hate the U.S. because we were stupid with their money. After reading the article the excuse they gave was "we were in the middle of a war we could'nt use proper accounting techniques"

Just another war WTF.

More info can be found here



Seems the U.S. is building a big ass embassy (104 acres) in Baghdad. I don't recall ever wanting a 104 acre embassy in Iraq do you? Oh yea it's costing $592 million.

Here is the complete story

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