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Diebold hacked from a photo

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Insert your favorite profanity word here When you see this _________

Diebold the _____ company that is entrusted to build voting machines that we the ____ public of the USA use when we vote had a picture of a key on thier website.

What might that _______ picture of a key be you ask??

Well it is a picture of a key like the kind you use to open the door to your house. Except this _____ key opens the voting machines which allows you tinker with them.

The kids at Princeton University looked at the ____ picture and then went to the local _____ hardware store and bought key blanks. Then they took them home and started filing them to match the picture. and low and ____ behold when they mailed the keys to someone who had acces to a Diebold voting machine 2 of the 3 keys opened the machine up.

Diebold quickly swapped the ____ picture on their website once half of America started laughing at them.

More _____ info can be found at these links:


Here is a _____ video:

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