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Windows Vista is almost here advice: don't do it

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Windows Vista will be hitting stores before you know it and I thought I would throw in my 2 cents about whether to upgrade.

Micro$oft will ship 5 different version of it latest operating system basically telling people that even if you don't have a ton of cash to drop you can still get the ugly Home basic version which has barely any features to speak of.

Windows Vista Home Basic: Suggested retail price for full package product, $199.00 USD. Suggested upgrade retail price, $99.95 USD.

Windows Vista Home Premium: Suggested retail price for full package product, $239.00 USD. Suggested upgrade retail price, $159.00 USD.

Windows Vista Business: Suggested retail price for full package product, $299.00 USD. Suggested upgrade retail price, $199.00 USD.

Windows Vista Ultimate: Suggested retail price for full package product, $399.00 USD. Suggested upgrade retail price, $259.00 USD.

$200 Flipping dollars for the basic version that has no features?

Many of you will be aquiring Vista when you buy a computer at Best Buy, Circuit City, etc. therefore the computer will have a Vista Tax built into the price and it won't seem that expensive, it will be part of the computer.

My advice to those with decent computers that are fast, reliable and working fine.

Don't buy Vista!!!

Windows Xp probably works fine for you and you are not missing out on anything with Vista. Better yet go and buy a Apple Mac and see exactly what kind of features you should get when you pay for an Operating system.

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  1. Anonymous iam bennu | 4:31 PM |  

    Your particular statement did not elicit this response but is only the straw on my camel, as it pertains to lots of Vista reactions that I have been reading.
    I have seen so much whining about Vista and it is just childish. Now I was not a Microsoft person before, and have even been planning to move to a Mac this year. After using Vista on first my main system and them all of the other systems in my home including a home entertainment PC, I must say that Vista is a pleasure. I have decided not to get a Mac but to give Vista it's do.

    Vista is what was needed so desperately and what I thought Microsoft would never do. Start over and give us something secure and stable, and yes I will say it beautiful. I used to spend have my resourced stabilizing windows, a fourth on defense and the another forth on making it not look like crap. Now I have power for the stuff I always that a computer could be used for.

    I am a power using that lives with a programmer and total Digital Guru, and we were reloading windows every two months to knock the bugs out. Now, Vista has allowed us to have systems that just work. Just Work!

    Vista may not have concentrated on the bells and whistles but that was Microsoft’s problem before. Throwing all of it in before it had an operating system that was truly ready for anything at the whim of people that want it all for nothing now! I am glad they have stopped to change the music and write a new score instead of just adding more instrument and synthesized noise to a already bad melody. Windows has for the first time given us a decent operating system and all of the work put into it is worth it.

    We are so used to whining about Microsoft, but can we just conceive for a moment that they stopped to get this one right?

    There's Gouda in the fridge to go with the whine.

  2. Blogger Dubled | 9:15 PM |  

    It is yet to be seen whether Vista will be secure since it is not yet released. Were you previously using windows xp? because with the right security and knowldge of what to stay away from you can run securely in Xp. To each is own I guess, hopefully your computer has some huge resources because running Vista needs it all.

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