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Incredible incompetence at being a successful student

Thursday, August 02, 2007

People bitch and complain about job's being lost to other countries, well I am here to tell you that there may be a partial reason for that.

First read this wonderful tale of academics in the USA.

(Austin Lampros the teacher should be congratulated for what he tried to do)

Now I assume you read the article, can you agree with me on a partial reason why America loses jobs? It's because our education system is a total train wreck, and we are graduating kids who take after their parents who as a whole are complete idiots who don't beat their children if they come home with a failing grade.

This is not going to change unless people turn off the F-ing American Idol T.V. show and interact with their kids about education. The U.S. is getting their ass kicked in performance in education as seen in these test results.

  • Latvia and Luxembourg beat the U.S. in Math scores
  • Liechtenstein and Macao beat the U.S. in reading skills
  • And finally Iceland kicked us in the nads on science scores.

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