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Fox News / Giuliani are inconsiderate pricks

Sunday, September 09, 2007

You could just see the game plan Fox News and Giuliani drew up for their recent election debate. It was to smear Ron Paul and make him look bad, also to laugh and snicker at him while he was trying to answer a question.

Why would anyone want Giuliani as a president if he is so inconsiderate to a fellow candidate? What would make him any different if he was President? Nothing would be different he would still be a rude prick only now he would be a rude prick to the American people.

Unfortunately for them their plan backfired and Ron Paul totally killed them with his answers. He won the debate easily. You can't corner this man, he is too smart and he will eat you alive.

The people of America are not dumb, they know who is a leader in this field of candidates and that is Ron Paul.

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  1. Blogger ubersexo | 1:55 AM |  

    Yeah, I don't trust Giuliani in the least. He takes all the credit for cleaning up N.Y, but, real leaders ("level 5" leaders if you've read "Good to Great") don't do that. Furthermore, if you've read "Freakonomics", you'll find out the key reasons N.Y crime rate has dropped. I can not imagine Ron Paul bragging like that. He's a class act. A gentleman. He really cares about America and is taking on fighting a tough uphill battle to do what's right. Not take the easy road of platitudes and vagaries to further a lust for power. You can tell. The way he inspires patriotism and the way his supporters are becoming very organized, and unified very quickly is a testament to his leadership ability, and his solid, logical, intelligent, principled message. I just pray that they don't figure out a way to keep him out of the press and TV. But, TV and media being the whores they are, if he gets eyeballs, they will have him on. Go Ron!

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