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AOL to dig for gold in spammers back yard

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Looks like AOL is good for something after all.

They have decided to dig for gold and platinum in a convicted spammers backyard after winning a judgement against him. The e-mail spammer once admitted that he bought gold and platinum because it would be harder to sieze in a lawsuit.

It is beleived that the e-mail spammer was making around $600,000 per month in the height of his spamming.

It would be sweet if the spammer buried 100's of boxes of AOL cd's all around his property, that would be some revenege for all of us that have received hundreds of them in the mail.

**Update** Article

Mom says her son is crazy as a "junebug" and possibly hid gold in the Rocky Woods hiking reservation in Medfield and in New Hampshire's White Mountains.

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