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Another Best Buy Horror story

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Geek Squad Charges $415 Dollars To Replace A Hard Drive. Makes Customer Retrieve Data Files Himself.


When will people learn that Best Buy is not a place to take a non-working computer.

Do the same thing you do if your car is not running good. You ask some friends for referrals, call a local computer shop and ask some questions, do a quick check on the Better Business Bureau to make sure they are legit and take it to them.

When you drop it off get an idea of what kind of upfront charges there are. Then tell them not to fix a thing until they have an exact price for the repair. Get a date when you can call them to see how things are going with the computer. Once you know how much it is going to be think it over for an hour before saying yes. If it is way up there consider cutting your losses and getting a new computer.

If you do decide to get a new computer have them do a data backup of your old files so you have them for the new computer. If the hard drive is the problem your files may not be accessible. But you can always get a second opinion.

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