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Best Deal Websites on the net

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Over the years I have scoured the internet for the best deals and I have gathered a list of my top deal websites. These websites are made strong by the community that is behind them and their ability to dig up great deals.

Here are my top sites:

http://www.fatwallet.com/ - Their home page doesn't really impress me but their forums really blow me away. The fatwallet community has a real knack for finding great deals and spreading the news through the forums. The forum "Hot deals" is where I go first if I am looking for something, as well as a good laugh with the stories that are told. Visit this site around "black Friday" and you will read some funny stuff about the strategy of getting a deal. Also Fatwallet search function is a real timesaver if you need to find a keyword for a deal in the forums.

http://www.dealspl.us/ - This site has quickly climbed my ladder of best deal sites. It is about 2-3 months old I believe and has a great layout that is neat and uncluttered.

http://www.techbargains.com/ - A good site that updates quite often. If you can handle all of the ads that they have on the home page you can find some really good deals here.

Honorable mentions:

http://www.spoofee.com/ - A good site to skim down to see if anything interests you.

http://www.slickdeals.net - Not as many deals per day but still a good deal can be found here.

http://www.deals2save.com/ - Used to have a good variety of deals but lately it seems they have gotten a bit lazy and are featuring deals all from the same store.

http://www.gotapex.com/ - They should have named this site "GotDell" instead of gotapex since 70% of these deals are for Dell products. Other deals can be found but you usually have to scroll down through the Dell deals.

http://www.xpbargains.com/ - I like the ability to search by store to find a coupon.

Safe bets when in doubt and you don't have time to look for a deal:




http://www.resellerratings.com/ - An article like this should not be written without telling you about Reseller Ratings. This is a site that helps you find the scumbag stores that will string you along or deliver a defective product 30 days after you pay for it. It is user driven and you can read all of the complaints or praise a store gets here. They also have some deals listed on the main page.

And finally if you are in the market for a high priced electronic item or camera make sure to browse these wonderful Brooklyn storefront businesses (with online presence) before you buy, you may change your mind about where you spend your hard earned money.

Here is a photo of AgA Electronics Inc., d.b.a. 5StarsElectronics.com,
BestSalePrices.com, US1Camera.com and PCandPlasma.com.

You get what I mean by looking at that picture.

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  1. Anonymous wireddeals | 12:21 PM |  

    I don't agree about slickdeals being down the list. It should really should top it. In fact it produces more deals per day than fatwallet does. Check these charts out.

    I am a regular on both sites and I often see people on fatwallet quote the deal being stolen from SD (slickdeals). Also take a look at their alexa rank.

    AnandTech, TechBargains, and GotApex should probably go next by popularity and number of deals.

    DealsPl.us, Dealplumber.com, Bensbargains.net, Dealspy.org are different type of site alltogether. They don't have much of active community behind them and no open forums. Not that I don't like them but it is hard to compare them to the rest.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 5:10 PM |  

    Deals2save.com has their Deals Posted right after midnight everday execept Friday Nights. Quicker than the other deals sites.

    As far as being lazy. Please email ed@Deals2save.com and let him know whathe needs to change to make things better.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:23 PM |  

    Hi, You might want to check out the new community deal site, www.modoshi.com. You find a deal, post a deal and make money when your deal performs. It is a new take on deals and is completely community-based for content and allows users to make good money.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:09 PM |  

    I agree with previous person, http://www.modoshi.com is my new fav. It's got a easy to view layout + they pay users for contributing.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:12 PM |  

    I was getting sick of all these deal sites. They are all copying one another. Modoshi is different take. I'm not sure why the slickdeals/fatwallet community isn't just posting there instead.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:02 PM |  

    Modoshi came as spyware when i went to it.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous | 1:48 AM |  

    Pulling deals from leading deals and merchant sites at one place:


  8. Anonymous Anonymous | 2:03 AM |  

    I found another one at www.iwantto.us

  9. Blogger Charlie | 9:50 PM |  

    I have one for you with cheap laptops and computers, DealOverflow

  10. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:13 PM |  

    www.elivedeals.com is one of the best place to find deals on the net.


  11. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:18 PM |  

    Do you have deals RSS feed? Submit your deals feed to www.elivestore.com to get more hits and sales.

  12. Anonymous Dave | 12:13 PM |  

    I also think Slickdeals should be higher in the list, I love their community.

    is also awesome! I live at that place... I just wish they had a forum.

  13. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:56 AM |  

    Check out:


    This tool is indispensable if you frequently use slickdeals or fatwallet.

  14. Anonymous Anonymous | 12:09 AM |  

    www.Deals2save.com is awesome !!

  15. Blogger DealUnion | 3:30 AM |  

    I luv the www.dealunion.com, check everyday to digg out the best bargains and coupons

  16. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:33 AM |  

    Save your money and get benefits of online shopping with lots of coupons, coupon codes, discounts and deals from plenty of stores at CouponAlbum.

  17. Anonymous Anonymous | 3:40 AM |  

    Here at CouponAlbum we provide discounted offers, coupons, coupon codes and rebates and u should visit this site to get all the benefits of online shopping.

  18. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:32 PM |  

    Without a doubt my favorite website has been WWW.PUSHDEALS.COM. It's clean and and uncluttered unlike most of the websites I have come across.

  19. Anonymous Anonymous | 2:58 AM |  

    Hey Cool Man, nice list you got!
    Here is the another site I came across, seems to be new one in town but seems very decent. Check it out.


  20. Anonymous Anonymous | 1:05 AM |  

    http://www.Deals2save.com will Post Black Friday 2007 Deals and Cyber Monday 2007 Deals before other deal sites.

  21. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:00 AM |  

    Foojii http://www.foojii.com tracks the best deal sites on the web and post the number deals they list daily!

  22. Anonymous Anonymous | 9:13 PM |  

    Price Drop Deal Finder allows you to find deals on over 100,000 products from thousands of retailers. Along with finding the best deals, Pricedrop.com will also alert you when a price falls below a requested level.

    Pricedrop.com was designed for desktop browsers as well as for the iPhone & iPod Touch.

  23. Anonymous Anonymous | 2:30 PM |  

    www.deals2buy.com & www.edealinfo.com

    Good Deals !!!!


  24. Anonymous Anonymous | 5:13 PM |  

    My most recent favorite is www.combyo.com
    The aggregate deals from top sites fatwallet, slickdeals, techbargains, dealnews and more... all in one place. I like the price compare feature and deal alert they offer.

  25. Blogger Karen | 12:57 AM |  

    I like Infozeal Deals
    They got lot of great deals with easy to find search options.
    I also like how they presented banners which allowed me to find great deals, sales & coupons quickly and easily.

  26. Anonymous Anonymous | 2:55 PM |  

    It is new but I love it. A very simple and clutterless site with selected deals. check out findnetdeals.com

    Find Net Deals

  27. Anonymous Deals In Us | 9:30 AM |  

    I agree with wiredeals.

    I also like www.dealsinus.com. He was away for some time last year, not sure why. but now he is back again. Though he add few deals, but they are really good.

  28. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:18 AM |  


  29. Anonymous Anonymous | 2:31 PM |  

    Dealitem.com is another deal site for mostly tech stuff. It works best when you’re searching for something by model # or by make and features. If you know what you’re looking for, check out DealItem. This site brngs all the deals from all the best sites and you can get alert for your item.

  30. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:03 PM |  

    I like www.especialcoupons.com for coupons.

  31. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:49 AM |  

    ipromocodes.com has the best of all these sites - check it out.....

  32. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:09 PM |  

    http://www.SaleInAmerica.com is another good deal site.

  33. Anonymous LouCipherr | 11:08 AM |  

    Another great deal a day website I just found:


    good prices and unusual but still useful items

  34. Anonymous ed | 11:42 PM |  

    www.Deals2save.com - Updated Daily

  35. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:21 AM |  

    BestDeals4me.com is a good one. They post deals on laptops, electronics and travel.

  36. Anonymous Anonymous | 3:27 AM |  

    My favorite is PriceAlerter.com

  37. Blogger blackjack2users | 2:11 PM |  

    I used myhdtvdeals.com when I was shopping for a new HDTV and loved it.

    Very clean layout and does just what the names implies.

  38. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:42 PM |  

    I just went to http://www.modoshi.com and it doesnt look like it is around anymore. I prefer http://www.nobrainerdeals.com

  39. Anonymous Anonymous | 9:44 PM |  

    check http://www.dealalive.com. It automatically grab hot deals only from slickdeals.net, fatwallet.com, and dealsea.com. It also provide powerful search function and rss. Looking for hot deals, look no further.

  40. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:51 AM |  

    www.thebargainavenue.com.au has good deals from australia..

  41. Blogger Lindsey | 10:55 AM |  

    I agree. Slick Deals always has something new, I can go back every five minutes and find a new deal. I also like Froomb.com and DODTracker.com. I can see the featured product on a lot of different deal of the day websites.

    In addition to being a woot and steapandcheap fan, I also really like uwantsavings.com.

  42. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:08 PM |  

    i found a really good deal today at www.navydeal.com

    42 inch lcd for $500 bucks!

  43. Blogger admin | 2:47 AM |  

    Check out this new deal site: Cheap Deals

    It is a digg style deals concept.

  44. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:03 AM |  

    have you checked out dealfandango.com? I have gotten some pretty good deals there. they have a holiday giveaway where they are giving away a tv.

  45. Blogger rc_fz | 2:36 PM |  

    Great list. Personally, I've become a big fan of deal aggregators, as they pull deals from multiple sites into one location. combyo.com and dealighted were both early players in this space. Personally, I like Deal Linker, which was recently mentioned at Lifehacker, as it does a good job of rating deals.

  46. Blogger Xipho | 4:25 PM |  

    My favorite deal website


  47. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:57 PM |  

    Check out Dealslipper.com. It's new but only has deal where you save at least 30%.

  48. Anonymous Anonymous | 3:06 AM |  

    I agree wireddeals too. Slickdeals is my best. I always find best deals.

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