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The Nintendo Wii

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I usually don't get too excited about new electronic products, but in the last month or two the buzz and hype on the Nintendo Wii got the better of me. I read the same stories over and over about how great it was and how fun it was.

I read about old Grandpa's in retirement homes getting off their asses and turning off Wheel of Fortune so they could play Wii Bowling. ( Link )

I read about moms and dads going nuts over it and not wanting to stop playing Wii Sports the one game that comes with Nintendo Wii.

I read about family gatherings being totally dominated by the Wii. With family members laughing and interacting like never before.

I read about Wii Sports being the ultimate party game the perfect marriage of booze and competition.

I read about smashed television sets, smashed walls, and smashed ceiling fans.

I read about pets caught in the crossfire of Wii Sports, about a cat that lost a tooth thanks to Wii bowling.

I read about hospital visits due to overzealous tennis backhands in the living room.

(See here: Wiihaveaproblem.com )

Basically one word dominated the talk of the Wii and that was fun.

So not wanting to miss out on a chance to go to the hospital or smash my television I somehow got my hands on one. I got lucky. I happened to try the Wii Finder tool on the net which checks stock at local Target stores and noticed the one near me was green. (To use the tool change the zip in the address bar) That means it is in stock. A quick phone call and nineteen minutes later I had one. Ten minutes after that they were sold out.

I went home and plugged it in thinking to my self whats the big deal about this thing. It took about 30 seconds and I already had a smile on my face. I think it was the combination of interacting with my TV by waving a white remote at it and the background music that if translated into words would read "it's time to have some fun".

I better wrap this blog entry up. Yes the Wii is fun.

It will make you break a sweat in your living room which will lead to opening the windows of your house in the middle of winter.

It is like nothing else.

It is the Wii.

Learn more about the Wii:

Wii ($249.99 MSRP)

Wii Sports NY Times game of the year 2006


Wii Vid

Wii Sports Video

Wii played in a theater

492 Amazon.com reviews 4.5 out 5 stars Buy an extra remote if you do get one. You will need it for tennis, baseball, and boxing. You wil also need another nunchuck for boxing if you have two people.

Wii tracker

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