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Woman dies after being ignored at a hospital

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Michael Moore has a new film "Sicko" which is about the state of Americas health care system or lack thereof, is getting raving reviews and I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Speaking of which I stumbled on this story about a woman that was ignored while in the hospital waiting area. She was diagnosed, told to come back if there was pain, came back because of pain, ignored for 45 minutes because they thought she was a complainer, arrested for an outstanding warrant, and then died while being cuffed and stuffed.

Link to Story

My take on the health care system:

I was under the impression that rape was illegal but that is what happens to you when you get serviced by a hospital in the US. The hospitals are here to make money period, sure they will try to help you but the price tag at the end will be enormous for the smallest thing. I can guarantee that cancer, Aids, heart disease will never be cured. Why? Because there is no money in curing a disease. If cancer were cured tomorrow can you imagine the loss of profit of from hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, etc. Billions upon Billions would be lost and they aren't going to let that happen. They are probably kicking themselves for curing previous diseases because of all of the lost profits. Should it be free? No of course not, it should be affordable so peoples lives wouldn't be ruined when something happens to them and they need medical attention.

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