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Turning old tires into a sidewalk

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Business Week has a neat slideshow / Article about turning old car and truck tires into a material ready to be used for a sidewalk.

Recently one of Michigan's largest tire piles has been cleaned up in nearby Martin. Here is an article talking about it, and how the stupid land owner thought he could get away with dumping them there. When you get new tires on your car you pay a disposing fee of $1.50 per tire which is supposed to go towards disposing of the tires in the correct manner.

I have always though that this kind of stuff is really cool when you can recycle something that has been previously used, and turn it into something useful again.

Also whoever can invent a road that last 100 years or more and is fairly cheap to build will become instantly famous and incredibly wealthy. Just think of all of the orange road construction barrel's you wouldn't have to see ever again.

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