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Amsterdam vs. New York City - what a difference

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What a huge difference an ocean makes.

In Amsterdam bicycles have been a major part of transportation for many many decades. They are used by almost everyone from the smallest child to the oldest grandpa. A bicycle is a clean mode of transportation which leaves you healthy as well as the environment.

Please see this page for pictures of biking in Amsterdam.

Cross the Atlantic ocean and you arrive in New York City. Bicycling is used there but not near as much as Amsterdam. Not only that but it appears that biking is not welcomed in New York City as seen in a recent raid and confiscation of bikes by the New York Police department (Here is the video in the article).

Kind of makes you wonder if some politicians want more gas consumed rather than people using bikes. During the bike raid 2 people were arrested for asking questions about why their bike was being taken. So much for a free society when you can't even ask a public servant a question.

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