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Wheel chair gets stuck in 18 wheeler front grill guy goes for ride! 50mph

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This is one of the most amazing stories I have read in a long time, and it happened not too far from me. This is a funny story but only because Ben Carpenter came out of it without a scratch on him. It could have ended bad but it didn't.

Ben suffers from MS, that is why he is in a wheel chair. If you would like to donate to MS here is where you can do it.

In Paw Paw Michigan on the southwest side of the state a handicapped man was in his wheel chair at a intersection. He started to cross it in his wheelchair and apparently an 18 wheeler truck somehow hooked onto him and he was pushed four miles at speeds of 50 mph.

Link to complete story.

Here's another link to WZZM story in Grand Rapids, Mi.

Read some comments here, some are pretty funny.

Eastbound Smokey and the bandit spoof.

After digesting this story the last 24 hours I have thought all kinds of funny aspects to this story.

  • If you are not from Michigan a town named Paw Paw is pretty funny. Also a tv channel called Wood 8 Tv can conjure up strange images.
  • Ben Carpenter the kid in the chair had paw prints on his socks in one of the pictures.
  • The kid had a "I'm a Pepper" t-shirt on.
  • The 911 calls are classics, from a chain smoking grandma voice in the first one to a woman who sounds like she is about to be thrown in a wood chipper in the third call.
  • The kid said he had fun and was unfazed by the incident, he said he wanted to go back and look at the skid marks he left on the street.

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